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Enhancing the productivity of staple crops

Pre- release multi-location varietal trials-public and private sector germplasm foundation seed and in out-years


Promoting Agricultural Inputs- seeds and fertilizer

On –farm demonstrations in-support of WASA including striga-tolerant sorghum varieties to increase yields. Foundation seed and in out-years maintenance breeding


Promotion of post-harvest technologies- agro-processing

Improving post –harvest product quality and packaging of rice,sorghum/millet and cassava to enhance marketability in West Africa.


ImagePromotion of Striga Resistant Sorghum Varieties to mitigate food crises in the Sahelian zone

ImagePromotion of improved yam minisett technology to improve productivity and reduce excessive use of food yam for planting in West Africa

ImageImproving post-harvest quality and packaging of rice, sorghum/millet and cassava products to enhance marketability in West Africa

ImagePromotion of integrated crop management technologies to improve plantain productivity of small-holder farmers.

ImageEnhancing cowpea productivity and income for sustainable livelihood of resource-poor farmers.

ImageImproving maize productivity and dissemination through the promotion of integrated management technologies in the Savannah zone

ImagePromotion of post-harvest technologies in the storage and processing of maize and cowpea to reduce losses and to improve market quality in WCA