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- Sub-regional networking mechanism for technology development and dissemination developed

- Between 2 and 4 consumer preferred varieties resistant to Striga with 50-100 yield advantage of existing preferred varieties identified and promoted in each country Mali, Burkina Faso and Senegal.  

- Seed yam certification system established in Benin and expanded in Nigeria;

- Protocol for socio-economic analyses of the minisett and the yam vine-cutting method for multiplication of yam planting material developed.

- Protocol for fortifying cassava product to improve nutritional quality and for monitoring quality changes in stored products developed

- Formulation for the fortification of sorghum/millet with supplementary micro –nutrients developed

- Several RYMV Resistant Rice Near Isogenic Lines (NILs) selected in the fields in 5 countries;

- Integrated innovative method combining cassava tissue culture and field multiplication (rationing systems) to produce clean planting material developed

- Development of Cowpea varieties, resistant to the devastating insect, Maruca vitrata under way